ESRI FedGIS 2016 Conference

We were invited to give a presentation (UAS based High Throughput Phenotyping for Agriculture Applications) and live UAV demo at ESRI FedGIS 2016 conference. It was held in Walter E. Convention Center, Washington DC between Feb 24 – 25, 2016 and there were around 4,500 attendance for the conference. It was great opportunity to share UAS research at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi with big federal agencies. We would like to thank Dr. Anjin Chang for taking most of these photos during the event and that is why you don’t see him often in the pictures :-).

TAMU-CC Exhibition Booth

  • Exhibition Overview
  • TAMU-CC Booth
  • 2016_FedGIS-TAMUCC_Booth-Visitor3

Research Presentation

  • 2016_FedGIS-TAMUCC-Presentation1

Live UAS Demo

  • Daniel Gonzalez (Undergraduate research assistant) performed a live UAS demo.